How to Build Accountability

Unzombie Daily Tracker

Download and print this document to keep track of your daily progress.

Unzombie Buddy System

1) Fill in the Unzombie Public Directory Form

2) Reference the Unzombie Public Directory and reach out to someone on there who may be able to help you with your project or be your accountability buddy. 

3) Post in the Community Forum if you'd like to ask an open question to all Unzombies. 

Unzombie Em​ail RemindersComing Soon!

Subscribe to receive regular email reminders to keep you on track with your Unzombie Pledge and up-to-date on Unzombie-related activities. 

Accountability Apps

Use these recommended sites and apps to stay on top of your project. Be mindful to not let these be another distraction.

For Social | HabitShare : Invite others to keep you on track

For Group Projects | Asana or Trello : Collaborate with others or your project.


For Extra Incentive |  Go Fucking Do It or StickK : Set a $ amount you'll lose if you do not meet your goal. 


Have a question or an idea for a great accountability practice? Email us!